Friday, May 24, 2013

Settings in media are very important as it is essentially the outlines of a story, without outlines the stories borders would sink and be a weird jumbled mess *cough doctor cough who* in How To Kill a Mockingbird its in a sleepy early 20th century town named Maycomb. When kindly Tom Robinson is convicted of rape almost nobody defended him and instead did quite the opposite. However there was but one man in the town who understood that everyone had equal rights and fought tooth and nail for Robinsons freedom. None of this story would be possible if it kept switching time periods or if they were moving around constantly. All of this story is possible because the plot is able to keep firm roots in a small sleepy southern town. There is almost no setting change which makes it easy to follow. Time changes landscape remains the same the whole time, except with the small exception of winter that one time. We keep meeting new characters, some may change but we always know what we’re reading because Maycomb doesn’t change familiar places remain familiar. What I am trying to get at is that setting is the balance in a story if you change it too often there’d be almost no way to distinguish it from another story. The old rural streets the prices even stealing a cows warm milk make it seem so southern its just amazingly rural even people against that genre love it.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Writing Prompt

Tannor Poreda 5/3/13 The character I chose for this prompt is the living embodiment of grammar. He was born during the dawn of man when speech was finally important. He usually takes the form of a British gent or Cthulhu (angered) he takes the latter state whenever someone writes (or says something) so terribly grammatically incorrect it causes him physical pain great enough, that he takes the dark lords form and wipes out whole galaxies at a time. He speaks through the minds of those that are so grammatically perfect they ascend to be a guardian of grammar, these lucky few have the ability to smite those who fail at writing, they are few in number now a days but they are strong proud race. Grammar, lives within the ethereal realm known as Onarydict. There are books that explain this realm but were lost during the great war of Chan. I have seen him in his British gent form and we made a game of taunting the weak Squirrelking after that he told me his name and what he was, I also have a favor of him to be called in anytime. He is so misunderstood now a days because he lost most of his power when Bill Gates created windows and is now sickly. I understood his true power after I personally witnessed what he did to Dante Alighieri (side note, he will be the new grammar after the current grammar passes on) the raw power skill and charisma granted to that man made him a god among men during his time. Grammar may be weak, misunderstood, and uncared for but that does not mean he isn't benevolent to the righteous and malevolent to the ones who belong in 9 gag. If you are sent to 9gag don't’ EVER! expect to come back, those are the blackest depths you can descend if you find yourself there repent thats all you can do....repent.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Old Man and The Sea book review

The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway, Scribner Classics 1952 Fiction At the beginning of the book it details the life of an old fisherman by the name of Santiago,the story takes place in the depths of his losing streak and he was beginning to lose hope. He had not caught a fish in 84 days, so his apprentices family decided to send him off to a more accomplished fisherman. Being the kind youth character he decided to visit and feed him on a regular basis. The old man (being stubborn and proud) decided its time to get out of his slump and go on a fishing run. Sometime in on the first day he managed to land a marlin, he was aged however so it took him quite an amount of time (3 days to be exact) to catch the fish. Oh, the humanity! by a customer Okay, so I was forced, by way of caring about my grades at the point, into reading this book for freshman HS English class. Ten years and some 3,500 showers later, I still can't get the stink of this fish off me. I promise you, I still have fits when I see it on bookstore shelves. The only redeeming quality about this book is Unca Ernie's name on the cover (although, being in the middle of "The Sun Also Rises" at the moment, I'm not sure that qualifies as redeeming, at that). Sure, it's different, it's simple, it's simply brimming over with symbolism. But in my opinion, this is the sort of symbolism writers use when they don't really have anything to say. Yeah, Jesus, the cross, whatever-- we know the story, thanks. You can only read so much about how the moon is the brother of the fish and the lion is the brother of the man and the lion is also the brother of the moon and therefore the man is the brother of the fish and therefore Donnie Osmond is the brother of Marie Osmond before you want to stick your head through a plate glass window and slice your jugular open on a shard. As a matter of fact, I have a suspicion that shame over writing this book is the reason Hemingway killed himself. I speak three languages, and none of them have negative words strong enough for how I feel about this book. Would I be writing a review ten years after the fact if I didn't have strong feelings? As a last note, I do not tell friends to avoid this book, I encourage them to read it (but just checking it out at the library, don't give the sods anymore money!), because the utter badness of this book truly has to be experienced to be believed. I agree with the review complete in the fact that maybe hemingway had committed suicide because he believed his writing skill was going down. However this did go a bit too far in some manners as at the least I respect the books age I believe the writing style was a bit choppy as the sentences were short and the grammar was less than desirable. But at the very least it has heart,an example “Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and cheerful and undefeated”-The Old Man and The Sea, page 1. This is the first (among many others) use of poor grammar. Though you can’t expect much at the time as there hardly was computers then, so I decided to give credit where credit was due which was the overflowing amounts of symbolism.This grammar is the only thing I cannot really enjoy about it and at least its not “John Freeman got his computer shut down and wet on the platform to go up to the roof of the building where he left his motorcycle and normal people close because he was in his office lab coat. John Freeman got on his motorcycl and said "its time for me to live up to my family name and face full life consequences" so he had to go”-Halflife: Fulllife Consequences, Squirrelking this is as low as you can go. The closest book I can relate this is to The Pearl in setting but the grammar is to broken up for any other real correlation besides the endings. In that I mean all seems lost but there is a light at the end of the tunne He means that no matter how many times your beatdown physically you will always turn up victorious in the end. Sort of like when someone knows they are going to be killed 100% they will take there own life so that they win in the end. believing that they were better in the end. Tannor was moving down the hill at unbelievable speeds on his way to obtain some of the much fabled monster, a roaring large silver bullet smacked into him *”**t” he heard a humanoid voice speak in the distance, he would stand up and feel a painful burst of lightning through his leg.The only thing he could say was “ruh roh” this is the wriing style I belive it had The Old Man and The Sea 2 stars Find better prey and hope it not poisoned

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sephirot, Tannor Poreda

Macen Rogues, The second to last of the Nephilim race....and he is ready to so some smiting. 13 years ago... “Mommy, I’m home!” Macen would yell as he ran up to the foyer of his family's mansion. He noticed a smell that was new. It was a sweet smell that smelled like decay. “Mom, what's that smell” he said as he ran to the kitchen, nobody was in there except his cat.”Muggles where is mommy?” he asked the cat who mewled and ran off through the kitchens doggy door. He walked up stairs to his mom's room to see if she was asleep. As he opened the door he saw the most gruesome sight he would ever see in his life...or he thought. The two large standing oak doors swung open, “bbrothher?” macen would stammer out. He glimpsed at the gory remains of his family, butler, family friends, and anyone else unlucky enough to be there at the time. His brother walked over to him. He had dark glowing eyes a tan trench coat and simple enough jeans. the first thing that was notable was his clothes were ragged and torn. He had a bloody gash running along his forehead.”Hmm, seems I forgot that you would be at school brother.” the last word was bitter. “Oh well seems you are the second to last of the Nephilim.” “nepilim” young Macen said . “Yes you’re a part of something ohso much bigger than this life....too bad you won't live to see it.” “what do you mean!” Macen got up as he said this finally realizing what had happened. “you get to die and I win so hurry up or else I will do it myself.” “THE ONLY ONE WHO IS DYING IS YOU!” Macen scream white hot fury in his veins. His brother laughed “C’mon then lets see you try” Macen grabbed a kitchen knife and with a swift movement repetitively stabbing his brother in the abdominal area. “Not even a scratch you however, pathetic 9 year old you maybe....I will let you live”. He moved over and punched young macen in the cheek with enough force to shatter a wall. He flew into the nearest wall and felt his back dislocate and, remarkably reconnect..however painful it might be he managed to stand and stared his brother in the face."why?, Why brother why did you do all of this?" Tera's rolled down his cheeks mixing in his DNA with the bloody carpet beneath him. "I must be the last of the Nephilim for my own reasons....however I will let you live till your 18. I am not about to kill a child without any strength of his own, remember 9 years of life and training is all you have" with that his brother faded away like a haunted apparition leaving nothing but footprints. 4 years later Macen for 4 years of his childhood hunted his brother down obsessed over it even. During those years he was secluded,isolated and overall alone. When the police launched an investigation the police threw (literally) him into a cell only because of that teardrop.One tear and a set of footprints that go nowhere is not enough evidence to arrest a 13 year old kid who’s obsessed with hunting his brother down. So he was able to win the court case and walk free Current time Macen began learning more and more about his powers and learning that things that go bumpin the night are out there and he was a conduit to stop them. Lawton, OK 12:32 am Macen walked through the streets looking for a nearby tavern to find more about the history of the 7 people whose history seems connected from a kabbalist church. He found a bartender and smiled. “‘So you run a old testament age Kabbalist bar...” Macen asked a sly smile on his face. The bartender looked him in the eye and replied “whatever do you mean” Macen looked around the bar for a moment and then leaned close. “Malkuth you know what I mean” “So what are you to know that, Human, Angel, Demon, Hellspawn,Mutant, God?” he looked at macen inquisitively “wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong and wrong again, I am the race of guardians the one where two remain at war while the rest have fallen. I am the Last Nephilim” “YOUR DEAD” Malkuth screamed at macen. “So younger cousin you’re jealous as you only received a small portion of the infinites power” “I AM NOT!” Macen looked at the screaming sephirot and laughed. “I Macen hereby challenge you for your branch.” Malkuth seemed to regain his composure. “Your but the age of 22, I am as old as creation what makes you think you can beat me?” Malkuth asked“the universe is poisoned and stunted, I have full access to my source of power you have but a range of....22 yards” Macen answered at the mome, Malkuth stared him down sizing him up. “We shall fight tomorrow the winner takes the others source” “oh malkuth if you murder someone before the fight I win, automatically.” Fort Sill, Lawton, OK 2:30 AM Macen waited at the entrance of the Fort the chosen time for battle was 5:45 AM, he knew Malkuth absorbed the 7 students into his soul and didn’t really kill them however he needed an excuse to challenge the sephirot for his power. As dawn arose a new sense entered macen a sense of power and hope, this is the divine source the source of power in the world and he was confident that he would win. Malkuth rose spreading fear across the land, the corrupted lord of kingdom preparing to take the young Nephilims power. TBC...?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Beginning of a Story question comments randomness expected and accepted

The story of my life is difficult day after day I am constantly hunted down, seems that the on,u positive than since my birth is my pride. Well considering I have a lot of pride unearthly and in reality Hellishly as I am The Lord of Pride/Leviathan since birth. I was bred from the Smartest,Strongest,Bravest...etc since Humanity was a trivling creature. After the thousands of years past I was born and with it a literal unholy feeling passed through all 5 people attending my birth as I was born. Haley's Comet passed overhead and that same night those boys died in the Alamo and Samuel Colt built his first percussion-capped revolver. Many people said that when I was born unto a corporeal body the sea will surge against its bonds,fire will cover the earth wars will explode, food will be scarce and disease will run free. The last of all the omens the snake of pride shall entangle us all and we all shall break under its will. I myself thought this story was ludicrous until the day the Vatican declared war on one man and one man alone and that is me. This story is my tale and how I perceived this dying world. 3/6/1863 "He is born sir." Said a doctor, he was busying himself washing his hands that where dark with blood. "He seems to be a fine boy, his eyes are miscolored" the doctor said confused in the fact that the baby was born with his eyes open to begin with. "And you know that how? Exactly." "We'll sir when he was born his eys opened immediately and he took view of his surroundings I should think" The man he was talking to rosé from the chair and the doctor noted he was a cardinal,wearing his red clothes that looked to be made of silk. "Did anything else happen?" The cardinal gazed deep into the doctors eyes. The doctor however had worse problems as soon he realized the blood was black and wouldn't wipe off he cursed. "Excuse me I am talking to you" the cardinal stepped closer intimidadingly. "Ah yes the mother died and my assistants are feeling sick from some reason "you know why that is?" The cardinal watched as the doctors hands started burning. "Help its some sort of acid" the cardinal nodded drew a silver knife aimed at his neck and stabbed in making a cross at the jugular. He walked in and did the same things to everyone witnessing the boys birth.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Items That I value (Values Essay)

There are a fair multitude of things I value but none more than my dog Annie she is absolutely priceless to me. She is loving (too most) wacky adventurous and hyper (which is the generally reason we don't leave any of the doors in my house open). She is also a Lhasa Apso, so she loves it when there's snow outside as her breed originates in Tibet. Her breed were used to guard Buddhist monasteries and were also found among nobility. They where found in Buddhist monasteries because of a very strange ability that comes fm there somewhat small size. They have a large threatening bark that even intimidates me when I come home from whatever I am doing.(also the worlds most competent alarm clock) they also usually have a pride rarer in smaller breeds. Well that's her technical aspect of her breed and a quite a bit about her history as well. But now I will tell you about her myself. My family and I got her when she was about 6 months old and before she was larger than my cats (Lucky and Alice). She (for about a week) just sat on our black leather couch doing nothing but shaking. But then she learned about our meager 2 acre backyard which she ran around for about half an hour doing god knows not. After that she quickly (with her intelligent mind). Conquered any challenge we threw at her even until now. Another story is when she was 8 months old and oh cats found and attacked her but she overcame that with a single bark that scared the living everything about them at this point those cats fear her worse than even the wrath of god. However I value one other thing on other item and that's my Vita. Well I actually have to correct my self Latin speakers its my PlayStation Vita a system I got for My birthday 1 year ago that item is very valuable to me both economically and sentimentally I use it almost all the time whether for Netflix or games or the Internet whatever it has to be for it seems to find a use no matter how impossible it seems I haven't found anything capable of holding my vita back and up till this date I keep as much care of it as I do my ravenous adorable beast whom we call Annie. I also made a promise to myself that I would not treat it as just another technological advancement to use but a delicate artifact to make sure it makes its way into the big leagues as a important system that's not just a tiny way to hold off boredom all in all I treat this thing with lots of respect

Monday, January 14, 2013

Okay guys time for the question of the week, Whats purple/red controls anything and looks like a phoenix the person who guesses it right is a administrator for the blog