Friday, May 24, 2013

Settings in media are very important as it is essentially the outlines of a story, without outlines the stories borders would sink and be a weird jumbled mess *cough doctor cough who* in How To Kill a Mockingbird its in a sleepy early 20th century town named Maycomb. When kindly Tom Robinson is convicted of rape almost nobody defended him and instead did quite the opposite. However there was but one man in the town who understood that everyone had equal rights and fought tooth and nail for Robinsons freedom. None of this story would be possible if it kept switching time periods or if they were moving around constantly. All of this story is possible because the plot is able to keep firm roots in a small sleepy southern town. There is almost no setting change which makes it easy to follow. Time changes landscape remains the same the whole time, except with the small exception of winter that one time. We keep meeting new characters, some may change but we always know what we’re reading because Maycomb doesn’t change familiar places remain familiar. What I am trying to get at is that setting is the balance in a story if you change it too often there’d be almost no way to distinguish it from another story. The old rural streets the prices even stealing a cows warm milk make it seem so southern its just amazingly rural even people against that genre love it.

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